Login to KSU D2L Brightspace


  • Spring 2018 courses
    • Students will not see their Spring 2018 courses in D2L until the first day of their classes. Course start date will match the start of each session.
  • Fall 2017 courses
    • Access to Fall 2017 courses will be disabled on Feb 9, 2018. If you need your access to a course extended, please contact your course instructor.
  • eCore courses
    • USG eCore courses (denoted with the letter G in the section number) are located at https://go.view.usg.edu. Information on support, usernames, and resetting your password is located on the eCore website.


  • Spring 2018 courses
    • Spring 2018 courses are now available for instructors only. Student access will be available prior to the start of the Spring 2018 semester. If students need early access to a course, instructors can modify the start date.
  • Third-party Integration Requests for D2L Brightspace
    • Many third-party publishers and vendors offer integrations with the ability to connect to D2L Brightspace courses. The Office of the CIO and the Distance Learning Center facilitate and support these integrations, but require advance notice to ensure successful implementation and that the tool meets the accessibility and quality requirements of the University. All third-party integrations must be reviewed and approved by the Office of the CIO and the Distance Learning Center before implementation. 
      To request the implementation of a third-party tool with your D2L course, please complete the D2L Third-party Tool Integration Form. The Office of the CIO strives to complete each approved D2L tool integration request as quickly as possible; requests must be submitted one semester in advance.  
      Prior the start of the Summer 2018 semester, D2L will receive a significant visual and interface update: D2L Brightspace Daylight. This update may affect the compatibility of some third-party integrations with D2L; as a result, we will not accept new integration requests between Jan. 1, 2018 and the release of D2L Brightspace Daylight. Learn more about Daylight here; we will share more information about this important new update via KSU Inform.