D2L News for Students

When can I see my courses in D2L? 

  • The last day to access Summer 2023 courses in D2L is September 26, 2023 (unless your professor has edited the end date). If you need access after the last day of class, please contact your instructor. If your instructor cannot be reached, please contact the department. 

  • Students will have access to Fall 2023 courses in D2L Brightspace on the first day of the session start date.

    • For 15-Week and 7-Week I sessions: August 14, 2023
    • For 7-Week II session: October 10, 2023

    Please note: Once sessions begin, it may take up to 24 hours after registration in Owl Express for courses to be viewable in D2L Brightspace.

  • You may find USG eCore courses (denoted with a letter G in the section number) by logging in to Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide (GoVIEW)

    To learn more about eCore courses visit the KSU eCore home page

    For technical assistance, visit the KSU eCore contact page

  • If you can no longer access a KSU D2L course because the end date of the course has passed and you need access to the course, please reach out to the instructor of the course. If the instructor is not reachable, please reach out to the department where the course was offered. 


What's New in D2L?

- updated July 2023 - 

Improvement to Quiz-taking Experience

D2L has added a few new features to improve the quiz-taking experience: 

    • Quiz information – previously seen only before starting a quiz but can now be accessed at any time during a quiz via a link
    • Improved Timing Communication – addition of:
      • option to hide the timer
      •  pop-up “time remaining” warnings at intervals
    • Quiz Results – page shows confirmation of submission
Minimum Versions for Supported Browsers

The July update increases the minimum supported browser versions to: Chrome 112+, Edge 112+, Safari 16+, and Firefox 112+. The minimum legacy browsers remain at: Chrome 74, Edge 74, Safari 13, and Firefox 67. For an optimal experience that offers better performance, accessibility, and security, D2L recommends that all users access Brightspace with the latest version of their supported browser. 

Course Homepage May Look Different

The default layout for course homepages has changed from a three-column layout to a two-column layout and now includes a widget near the bottom that gathers many important resource links for you. As always, course design may vary based on instructor preference.